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Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic Lawn Mowers can make you job a lot easier and while you may think that it is only simple small square lawns that can be mowed well with these devices, they have become more and more sophisticated and now can provide a self mowing experience that just may surprise you.

We invite you to stop in and take a look at what we have to offer from Husqvarna - these autonomous machines really can improve not only they quality of your lawn, but also your quality of life from freeing yourself from the need to get out and push a machine around your yard.

Robotic Mowers from Husqvarna

Husqvarna’s Automower® is a whole new style of lawn care! With traditional mowing, your lawn grows tall before being cut off all at once. By contrast, Automower® is a mulching mower that clips just a little grass at a time, frequently. The result is a lawn that’s always picture-perfect and fertilized naturally by tiny, mulched clippings. And don’t worry about Automower® missing a spot – the unit changes its pattern according to a programmed schedule, so every corner of your yard will be evenly maintained.

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