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Polylok, Inc

Polylok, Inc. is an international supplier of plastic injection molded products for the precast, drainage, and wastewater industries. Their home office is located in Wallingford, CT, and their European division is based in Kildare, Ireland. Unlike the majority of their competitors, they design their products in-house, and manufacture in the USA. They have two manufacturing facilities in Connecticut, and one in Indiana. In addition, they hold more than 75 patents and produce more than 200 different products. They are constantly striving to develop new and innovative products.

Polylok Inc.’s roots are in the precast business, establishing their footing in the industry with United Concrete. United Concrete is the largest precaster in New England, and we collaborate with them to determine what a precaster needs and wants. Meeting the needs of United Concrete, along with many other businesses, has enabled Polylok, Inc. to become the foremost supplier to the precast, drainage, and wastewater industries.

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