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Ground Engaging Tools

Top quality ground engaging tools make a big difference on how well your machine performs. Our goal is to offer you products that increase your production and lower your cost per hour. Ground engaging tools have a direct effect on your machine’s ability to produce. We offer the industries leading materials to give you a balanced system. 


Every land project is unique and requires various attachments to get the job done. We offer new buckets and attachments for skid steers, backhoes, loaders, and excavators, so your project can be done efficiently. 


Regular use and big projects can lead to wear and tear. RIBCO offers reconstruction services to fix and repair your broken or worn out buckets. 


Relining your equipment can save you money and preserve the life of your machine. Whether you need a new wear pad, hard facing welding rod, or a replacement wear plate, RIBCO can help you preserve the life of your buckets and preserve your project’s budget. 

Hardox Wear Pads

With wear pads made entirely of Hardox® wear plate, you get a single material compared with the conventional two-layer model (one soft and one casting). This way, much more material can be worn down before you need to replace them. Calculations have shown more than double the service life.

- more info from Hardox

Replacement Tuf Wear Plates

Tuf wear plates deliver exceptional strength, hardness and toughness.

Hard Facing Welding Rod

Hard facing of new, harder material (or an existing steel plate) will prevent wear and extend the life of your buckets, teeth, moldboards, dozer blades, shears, and even grousers. The level of abrasion, the desired wear life, and the cost of new ground-engaging tools determine whether hard facing is a maintenance option for extended life of these tools.

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